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Silvera Properties

Silvera Properties, a small, dynamic team of father and son, has been in the global real estate business for over 40 years, with interests in Hong Kong, South America, Israel and New York. David Silvera, our president, was born in New York, spent his childhood in Hong Kong and his teenage years in Brazil.  Over 15 years ago the Silveras came to the Hamptons and immediately fell in love with this beautiful beachside community.


Father and son set out to find the perfect property to build their ideal home.  Every detail of their first Hamptons home was thought through.  They carefully designed the floor plan to combine efficiency and warmth, while still providing for grand and spacious entertaining.  They envisioned creating more than a home -- they were creating a lifestyle.  It was no surprise that this first home, the realization of their most idyllic vision of a family summer escape, sold immediately, laying out a clear path for the establishment of Silvera Properties in the Hamptons.


The Silveras have gone on to build over 30 homes in the Hamptons.  They build one house at a time, starting with their unique aesthetic vision and attention to the most minute detail, as if they were creating it for themselves.  David Silvera, himself, scrutinizes every detail, ensuring workmanship of the highest standard.


Silvera Properties homes are only built "south of the highway" from Southampton to East Hampton and all the hamlets in between.  Each home is finished with exquisite stonework, old world artistry and detailed moldings, while being equipped with state-of-the-art technology providing unparalleled ease of ownership.  Amenities include pools, pool houses, tennis courts, docks, saunas, wine cellars and home theaters, every luxury that one would hope for in a resort.  A completed Silvera property is truly a work of art.


Silvera Properties is a boutique firm that specializes in building, renting, and managing luxury homes.  They take the time to understand each client's individual desires and tastes so they can build unique homes for unique clients.


David Silvera is delighted to be working with Saunders & Associates, whose "marketing and presentation," he says, "are the gold standard in Hamptons brokerage firms".