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We come from a rich family history of excellent builders on the East End. Our great uncle pioneered spec building in the Hamptons in the early 1950s, and several other uncles and close family friends have graciously showed us some inner secrets of their success. We are scientific in our approach, and seek to build equity for our clients from start to finish.


We listen and learn from our clients and ultimately hope to build lifelong relationships with them and their families. We are tenacious, hardworking, and dedicated professionals keen on separating from the pack through value-add, great customer relationships, and growing together.


TSH brings his unique experience of over a decade on Wall Street, creating credit derivative products, to fully mitigate against various risks inherent in your next new construction project. The team he has assembled includes many veteran sub-contractors who have years of experience in construction on the East End. Taylor also comes from a rich family lineage including a long line of builders and real estate brokers. TSH has fully leveraged important mentorships over the years to create an incredibly value-driven approach, with an acute eye on your equity.