If you are looking for an exceptional home that truly reflects the particular characteristics of both the property and the owner, a collaboration with Dunecrest Development Corp. can be the perfect solution.


Dunecrest takes a very individualistic approach toward the development of each project.  There are no "cookie-cutter" designs in the Dunecrest repertoire.  We focus on creating one-off works of art by seamlessly blending and enhancing a property's natural characteristics with the use of natural raw materials such as steel, concrete and exotic woods, all master crafted to create unique homes that transcend any specific architectural style to provide the ideal living environment for their owners.


Founded as an independent speculative design and development company, Dunecrest brings a start-to-finish ability to every project-- from permit expediting and architectural design to construction and landscaping. Whether for custom or proprietary, Dunecrest puts together the best team for each build. Our master craftsmen include experts in the fields of hand-troweled plasters, architectural beamwork, custom stained and polished concrete floors, patios and counters, and custom metal fabrications.


Completed projects exemplify Dunecrest's wide and unique range of vision extending from an eclectic, state of the art Southampton contemporary to the reimagining and reconstruction of a historically significant 350-year-old landmark.