New York State Disclosures

New York State Disclosures

1. New York State Agency Disclosure: We, as a real estate brokerage, represent a party or parties to the transaction – either one side or the other, or both sides. The form is provided to ensure you fully understand our role in representing you in regards to your real estate needs. The link to the New York State Agency Disclosure Form is below and explains the different representations. Please review and we can discuss at your convenience.


New York State Agency Disclosure Form - Buyer and Seller


New York State Agency Disclosure Form - Landlord and Tenant


2. Fair Housing Disclosure: Federal, State, and Local Fair Housing Laws protect individuals from housing discrimination. Under New York State Human Rights Laws, it is unlawful to discriminate based on certain protected characteristics such as race, creed, color, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, military status, sex, age, disability, marital status, lawful source of income, or familial status. We as a real estate brokerage firmly stand behind these regulations and hereby attach the NYS Housing and Anti-Discrimination Disclosure Form for your review and signature.


NYS Housing and Anti-Discrimination Disclosure Form

Standard Operating Procedures For Prospective Homebuyers

Saunders & Associates (“SA”), in compliance with Section 442-h (4) of the Real Property Law of the State of New York, and to ensure full disclosure and honest and fair dealing and to be fully transparent in its workings with all buyers in compliance with Fair Housing Rules and Regulations, hereby adopts and declares the following as the prerequisites every homebuyer shall meet prior to receiving licensed real estate sales services:

  1. SA does not require prospective homebuyers to show photographic identification.

  2. SA does not require prospective homebuyers to show pre-approval for a mortgage loan in order to view properties for purchase.

  3.  SA does not require a homebuyer to sign an exclusive buyer broker agreement requiring a homebuyer to work only with SA on all properties.

  4. SA requires every SA agent to present for review and signature to every homebuyer the NYS Agency Disclosure Form and Fair Housing Disclosure Form.

Notwithstanding SA’s policy, an individual property owner may require some or all the above items.  If an individual property owner does so require any of the items, we will communicate such fact to the prospective homebuyer.

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