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Burns Realty Development

Michael Burns has years of experience as a high end builder, first in Westchester, then in New York City (where he renovated Grand Central Station) and since 1999 in the Hamptons. The same level of construction and workmanship, the same state-of-the art techniques and details, go into every Burns Realty Development Corp home, whatever the price point.


With an architecture and engineering background acquired at Kent State University and Brooklyn College Institute of Design & Construction, Mr. Burns has developed a reputation for uncompromising excellence and superior quality. Having completed so many successful construction and renovation projects, he knows the value of every square inch of space. Burns Realty Development Corp has built two Hampton Designer Showhouses, including the very first that was a new construction, in 2004.


When you work with Burns Realty Development Corp, you work directly with Mr. Burns. He deals with the sub-contractors and vendors. He is the direct link between you and your project. Handling just 1-2 projects at a time allows Mr. Burns to pay as close attention to detail as if it’s his own home. He will not put his name on a work he is not genuinely proud of. From every stone that was measured, cut and placed perfectly to ensure the best sight, to every window that was installed impeccably to absorb the most light, the thought and details are noticed.


Burns Realty Development Corp builds single and multi family, commercial and residential properties. They provide superior accomplished professionals, including architects, engineers and designers, to meet your specific needs. They coordinate your entire project from inception, from land clearing and excavation through obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy and moving in. They offer construction management, site development and custom building services, as well as renovations that create a seamless connection between original and new construction. A Burns Realty Development Corp project begins with a vision and ends with your footprint in the sand.