LABhaus is proud to call itself a product company. Our product is progressive modern space. Each day we push ourselves to make our product more beautiful, better crafted, higher performing and effortlessly luxurious.


LABhaus projects are built to an unparalleled standard of quality and luxury. In addition to industry leading basic construction, including a standard R38 high-performance wall system, R50 roof insulation, and hybridized structure, LABhaus homes are finished with materials and hardware typically available only in the highest-end custom homes. Our kitchens are handcrafted by skilled artisans in Philadelphia, using only top-quality materials and the most up-to-date European hardware. Our bathrooms feature Toto faucets, custom fabricated solid-surface fixtures, LABhaus handcrafted wall-hung cabinetry, bespoke mosaics, and barrier-free showers. Whether the stainless steel door handcrafted in Germany, or custom fabricated operable glass walls, every detail in a LABhaus home has been painstakingly executed to exceed expectations.


Outside of housing, LABhaus is actively engaged in crafting industry-leading commercial spaces. Our commercial projects start from an in-depth examination of the client’s brand identity, service concept, and corporate positioning. We examine the spatial distribution of income generation, user interaction, and contemplate the life cycle of the space—starting with daily use patterns and extrapolating to alternate uses in coming decades. Our strength in fabrication allows us to contemplate the broadest range of solutions while maintaining near instantaneous costing, providing exceptional competitive advantage to our clients relative to traditional design, consulting, and construction companies.


As a product company, LABhaus projects are market-driven. Our unique design-make process aims to capture value for our clients and partners throughout the value-chain. Our Berlin-based research studio develops new design language and production techniques through a rapid-evolution model, with generation cycles of mere months. This protects and promotes the most successful ideas while fostering continual growth. Our Boston-based management group and architecture studio manage expert execution and interface among process participants. And our local project teams expertly manage final assembly and client relations with the help of advanced cloud-based management systems. From raw material to finished product, the LABhaus system maximizes both efficiency and excellence. The end result is an unprecedented luxury product which can be produced within much more ordinary economic constraints.



LABhaus was founded in 2008 by a Philadelphia-based real estate development team, bringing together backgrounds in architecture, manufacturing, marketing, and construction administration. LABhaus established its head office and research studio in the heart of Berlin, Germany in 2010. Our international design team draws heavily from Berlin’s position as a global leader in both architecture and construction technology. Working in partnership with the Pennsylvania industrialized housing sector, LABhaus has developed a unique construction system drawing upon global expertise and a thoroughly modern supply chain that combines the best of off-site manufacturing and custom craftsmanship to deliver exceptional value for its consumers and developer partners.



LABhaus is currently among the most active players in the modern systems and hybrid construction marketplaces. LABhaus activity in the single-family market comprises both suburban and resort projects in the Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington metropolitan areas, the Connecticut Gold Coast, the Hamptons, Central New Jersey, and the Jersey Shore. LABhaus multifamily projects are currently underway in the Boston and Philadelphia regions, with ongoing discussions to enter the New York and Washington markets in the near future. In addition, LABhaus is engaged in the design, manufacture, and execution of hospitality and retail concepts throughout the Northeast, as well as international manufacturing and real estate consulting.